The Impasse Project

Coming Spring 2020 • Fortress Press

A book about transforming conflict and building resilient relationships. Great for municipalities, schools, communities, and families. Visit

Conflict Transformation Specialist

Mel Stanford Martin offers a unique approach to dealing with disagreement and impasse, with the following key focus areas:

Courageous Dialogue

To learn the skills of passionate, articulate, respectful disagreement, we must learn to internalize the idea that we need disagreement to have strong ideas and relationships.


In difficult conversations, sharing power is challenging yet critically important to creating spaces where everyone can be seen and heard.

Emotional Regulation

Conflict and impasse tend to dredge up complex emotions. To transform impasse, we must learn to put aside animosity and deal with our emotions in healthier ways.

Effective Argumentation

Mastering the art of argumentation means embracing balanced and accountable rhetoric. It's important to learn the art of crafting passionate and articulate opinions while dignifying our conversation partners and appreciating the consequences of our words.

Active Listening

Open, honest, and curious questions are at the heart of disagreeing well. Learning to ask great questions is crucial to engaging impasse.

Building Resilient Relationships

Can your relationships handle the weight of conflict, or do they fracture? Moving past the "walking on eggshells" dynamic means learning to engage each other with appreciation for the ways disagreement and conflict make our ties stronger.

Workshop Offering

A conversation game that helps people practice difficult conversations. To bring this effective and engaging activity to your group, please contact us.


"Outstanding! Well-grounded information and clearly translated."
Dr. Stephen Sandage
Psychologist, Director of Clinical Research at the Danielsen Institute, author of MULTIPLE books on psychology, spirituality, and forgiveness
"Cutting-edge work."
Tom Porter
Attorney, Founder of the Religion and Conflict Transformation Center at Boston University, and Author of The Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation: Creating a Culture of JustPeace